Research Group

Current Team Members

PhD Students

as Principal Supervisor:

  • Mr. Guoxin Sun (with Prof Ben Rubinstein)
  • Mr. Tiancheng Jiang (with Prof Kevin Otto)
  • Ms. Ifrah Saeed - part-time (with A/Prof Sarah Erfani and Dr Andrew Cullen)
  • Mr. Zixin "Gary" Ye (with Prof Chris Leckie)
  • Mr. Amir Fayaz Heidari (with Dr Maria Vrakopoulou and Dr Amin Masoumzadeh)
  • Mr. Takuma Adams - part-time (with Dr Andrew Cullen)
  • Mr. Hevish Cowlessur (with Prof Gavin Buskes and Dr Chandra Thapa)
  • Mr. Bacui "Patrick" Li (with Prof Udaya Parampalli and Dr Chandra Thapa)
  • Mr. Asif Ahmed Sardar (with Prof M. Palaniswami - joint program with IIT Kharagpur)

Past Team Members

Postdoctoral Research Fellows

  • Dr. Zhe (Annie) Wang (ARC DP140101050 - Easing the squeeze: dynamic and distributed resource allocation with cognitive radio)
  • Dr. Ehsan Nekouei (ARC DP140100819 - The role of information in game-theoretic decisions on distributed systems)
  • Dr. Andrew Cullen (currently faculty in Unimelb-CIS)
  • Dr. Shahzeb Ansari (ARC LP190101287)
  • Dr. Zainab Zaidi (ARC LP190101287)

PhD students

Graduated from the University of Melbourne:

  • Dr. Dibbendu Roy (with Prof Palaniswami - joint program with IIT Kharagpur)
  • Dr. Li Wan (with Prof Margreta Kuijper and Prof Emanuele Viterbo)
  • Dr. Marc Katzef (with Prof Chris Leckie)
  • Dr. Sandamal Weerasinghe (with Prof Chris Leckie and Dr Sarah Erfani)
  • Dr. Antonin Demazy (with Prof Iven Mareels)
  • Dr. Javad Jazaeri (with Dr Robert Gordon)
  • Dr. Bigi Varghese Philip (with Prof M. Palaniswami)
  • Dr. Amin Masoumzadeh
  • Dr. Ramachandra Rao Kolluri (with M. Brazil, I. Mareels, and D. Thomas-ME)
  • Dr. Tony Tao Lin (was a member of Centre for Energy Efficient Telecomm. - CEET)
  • Dr. Fatima Jalali (was a member of CEET)
  • Dr. Yi Han (with Chris Leckie)
  • Dr. Lu Xia (with M. Brazil, I. Mareels, and D. Thomas-ME)
  • Dr. Ehsan Nekouei (with Subhra Dey and Jamie Evans)

Past MS Students

Graduated from the University of Melbourne:

  • Mr. Gregory Karanikas
  • Mr. Ashish Gupta (part-time)
  • Ms. Nihan Cicek (part-time)

PhD Students co-supervised

  • Dr. Anil Kumar Chorppath (PhD from Technical Univ. Munich, with Holger Boche)
  • Dr. Kien C. Nguyen, PhD completed at the University of Illinois (with Tamer Basar).

MS students

at Technical University of Berlin:

  • Mr. Serhan Mercan (with Slawomir Stanczak)
  • Mr. Xing Liu (with Joerg Raisch)
  • Mr. Gregoire Kemgne and Mr. Tunc Kilicarslan (with Sahin Albayrak).

Team Pictures

Not everybody is there in the pictures and we should take more of them!

Team Picture 2023
Team Picture 2024