Here is my research team and all the students I had the pleasure working with over the years.

Current Team Members

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

  • Dr. Andrew Cullen (DUST project, Autonomous Systems Defence CRC)

PhD Students

as Principal Supervisor:

  • Mr. Marc Katzef (with Prof. Chris Leckie)
  • Mr. Guixin Sun (with A/Prof. Ben Rubinstein)
  • Ms. Ifrah Saeed (with Dr. Sarah Erfani)
  • Mr. Li Wan (with Prof. Margreta Kuijper)
  • Mr. Dibbendu Roy (with Prof. Palaniswami - joint program with IIT Kharagpur)

Past Team Members

Postdoctoral Research Fellows

  • Dr. Zhe (Annie) Wang (ARC DP140101050 - Easing the squeeze: dynamic and distributed resource allocation with cognitive radio)
  • Dr. Ehsan Nekouei (ARC DP140100819 - The role of information in game-theoretic decisions on distributed systems)

PhD students

Graduated at the University of Melbourne:

  • Mr. Sandamal Weerasinghe (with Prof. Chris Leckie and Dr. Sarah Erfani)
  • Mr. Antonin Demazy (with Prof. Iven Mareels)
  • Mr. Javad Jazaeri (with Dr. Robert Gordon)
  • Mr. Bigi Varghese Philip (with Prof. M. Palani)
  • Dr. Amin Masoumzadeh (now with AGL)
  • Dr. Ramachandra Rao Kolluri (with M. Brazil, I. Mareels, and D. Thomas-ME)
  • Dr. Tony Tao Lin (was member of Centre for Energy Efficient Telecomm. - CEET)
  • Dr. Fatima Jalali (was member of CEET)
  • Dr. Yi Han (with Chris Leckie from CS)
  • Dr. Lu Xia (with M. Brazil, I. Mareels, and D. Thomas-ME)
  • Dr. Ehsan Nekouei (with Subhra Dey and Jamie Evans, now as postdoc in KTH)

Past MS Students

Graduated at the University of Melbourne:

  • Mr. Ashish Gupta (part time)
  • Ms. Nihan Cicek (part time)

PhD Students co-supervised

  • Dr. Anil Kumar Chorppath (PhD from Technical Univ. Munich, with Holger Boche)
  • Dr. Kien C. Nguyen, PhD completed at the University of Illinois (with Tamer Basar).

MS students

at Technical University of Berlin:

  • Mr. Serhan Mercan (with Slawomir Stanczak)
  • Mr. Xing Liu (with Joerg Raisch)
  • Mr. Gregoire Kemgne and Mr. Tunc Kilicarslan (with Sahin Albayrak).