You can find on this page the subjects (in US courses) that I teach and have taught in the past.

Current Teaching

  • ELEN90088 System Optimisation and Machine Learning in Semester 1, teaching since 2019. This innovative subject combines convex optimisation and introductory Machine Learning topics with an engineering focus.
  • ELEN90061 Communication Networks. The subject provides an introduction to the basic principles of communication network design, layered network architecture, and network protocols. Yearly in Semester 2, teaching since 2014.

Past Subjects

  • ELEN90078 Distributed Systems and Game Theory. This is an advanced (PhD-level) subject that I offered in 2016, 2017, and 2018.
  • ELEN90069 Electrical Power Systems, which is offered within the Master of Energy Systems program. The subject provides an introduction to electrical power generation, transmission, and distribution as well as energy markets, mainly for those who are not electrical engineers.
  • ELEN30009 Electrical Network Analysis and Design at The University of Melbourne, together with Elaine Wong in 2012 and 2013.
  • The seminar course "Analytical Methods for Security and Risk Management" in Technical Univ. Berlin (Winter and Summer 2009-2010 semesters with minor variations).
  • The invited mini-course "Game Theory for Networking and Security" in the 2010 Spring School on Game Theory and Computer Science in Champery, Switzerland, between 1-5 February 2010.
  • ECE 486:Control Systems at the University of Illinois, Fall semester, 2005. This is the undergraduate level (3rd-4th year) control systems course.
  • ECE 410: Digital Signal Processing at the University of Illinois, Summer semester, 2005. This is the undergraduate level (3rd-4th year) digital signal processing course.

As Teaching Assistant (TA) at UIUC

  • ECE 486:Control Systems, at UIUC, Spring semester, 2005.
  • ECE 110: Introduction to Electrical Engineering Laboratory, at UIUC, 2003.