I have a pretty good publication record with one book, 4 edited volumes, 9 book chapters, 60+ peer-reviewed articles in prestigious journals, and 140+ peer-reviewed conference papers. To be honest, I have lost track of the numbers at this point, so please refer to the online official repositories below. According to Google Scholar as of 6/2024, my H-index is 52, i10-index is 143, and my papers have received 10750+ citations.

I have published in diverse venues (by my count in 14 different IEEE Transactions!) including flagship journals and conferences of the IEEE Communications Society (such as Trans. on Wireless Comms, Mobile Computing; ICC and Globecom conferences), IEEE Control Society (Automatica, IEEE CDC), Power System Society (Trans of Power Systems, Smart Grid, ISGT conf), machine learning (Pattern Recognition, AAMAS, ECAI, IJCNN); and security-related venues (such as IEEE TIFS, TDSC, GameSec conference).

Online Repositories

Fairly up-to-date information is on my University of Melbourne profile page and Minerva Access.

Publication databases (some behind paywall)

Google Scholar
IEEE Xplore
ACM Digital Library
Springer Link


  1. T. Alpcan and T. Ba┼čar. "Network Security: A Decision and Game Theoretic Approach. Cambridge University Press", 2010.

  2. "Mechanisms and Games for Dynamic Spectrum Allocation", Eds. T. Alpcan, H. Boche, M. L. Honig, and H. V. Poor. Cambridge University Press, 2014.

Old Pages

You can find some of my old publications here.